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Service Impacting Update / Maintenance for most Netherlands VPS customers.

August 18, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

This is an important notice that details some changes that will impact your service. Read below to learn about: Expected / planned downtime, IP address changes, more.

What is happening?

We are migrating all existing Netherlands VPSes to accommodate network changes.

How will this impact my service?

Each VM will be migrated to a new host node. This will cause temporary downtime during the migration process. Additionally, each VM will be assigned new IP addresses (both V4 and V6). We’ll be assigning customers IPs from newer subnets from our own ASN.

With the existing setup, we are using our own IPv4 and a leased subnet of IPv6 which are announced under our upstream’s ASN instead of our own. This update will allow us to use our own IPv4, our own IPv6, and our own ASN. The geographic location, datacenter, network, features, hardware specs of host nodes, etc will all remain the same.

I don’t want to change my IP, can I keep my current one?

Unfortunately it is not possible to migrate these servers with the IPs intact. Sometime after this mass migration is completed, we can then re-announce the subnet that your IP comes from with this new network setup and then can re-assign whatever IP you had originally if needed, but this will be done by request only and only after all VMs have been migrated.

Can you tell me what my new IP will be before you complete this change?

Unfortunately this will not be known by us until after the migration for your individual VM has started. We do not have the option to choose what IP specifically will be assigned to your new VM. As soon as the VM is migrated, you will receive a new welcome email with your new IP.

Why are you doing this?

This is to better accommodate our growth as a business and to ensure public network information accurately depicts IncogNET as being the ISP behind our IP space. Additionally, this new setup will allow us to better accommodate our growth and to increase our presence in this location.

When will this begin?

We hope to start migrations next week. We’ll begin with some of our internal and personal servers to make sure our work flow for migrating customer servers is as optimized as possible.

Where can I get additional updates?

We’ll make updates available from the IncogNet client portal. Wider, more general announcements will be posted on Twitter and Mastodon

UPDATE:If you are on, "" then this does not apply to you. You are already on the new network.


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